Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Precious Cup of Tea

The best part of my morning, hands down (bottoms up) is my cup of tea. And I always ask for seconds.
In an ideal world I'd love to have it with Prince biscuits everyday, but I realize that I just can't do that to myself for no reason. If I could I would. Digestives taste pretty good too.
My second home currently- Green valley supermarket makes these amazing butter cookies that crumble and melt in your mouth. You'd think they'd be amazing with tea, but due to their buttery, crumbly, melty softness they just can't stand the liquid force of my tea. They just end up swimming around in it. And I keep trying to fish them out.Makes having my morning cup a mission. Nobody likes a mission first thing in the morning.
Say no to crumbly cookies with tea (and overdipping- same result).

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