Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday blues and Beirut.

Since I have to work on Saturdays now ,I make it a point to not work at all on the day. Like get nothing done. As a matter of principle you know. I'm filled with immense yuckness for my office on this day. The feelings of nausea plus migraine just don't leave me. So to calm myself down and avoid a nervous breakdown altogether I lonely planet-ed  Beirut for maybe the hundredth time.
 I'm just gonna say it. I Reeeaaaallly wanna go to Beirut. Like Really Really.Like its unreal.
I've never been. I don't really have friends who live/lived there, so really my desperate need/want to go there is entirely intuitive- If a travel dream can ever be that. I think Beirut would be the perfect mix of everything I like in a city.Culture, art, nightlife, pedestrian-ism, shops, beach,history, can-wear-whatever-you-want,cobbled streets, street side cafes...and this is just off the top of my head. And honestly nobody has told me that this how it is, I just imagine it to be that way based on my visit to Istanbul years ago.
Also, lonely planet has quite the writeup on it. I mean the place sounds absolutely magical.It seems that in Beirut you may find yourself in a hundred different places that make you feel a hundred different things.

"What Beirut is depends entirely on where you are"

Admit it. That sounds awesome.Or maybe I've read it so many times that it just seems that way.
Apparently the people are extremely beautiful (we know that) ,friendly and hospitable. English is not widely
spoken- which is always a plus for me,the night life is world class, the cuisine is supposedly brilliant ( I've opened up to Lebanese cuisine after Montreal although I  still hate pink radishes).
Beirut is one of the most religiously diverse cities in all of Middle East, where you find an exciting mix of culture-.European flavor, French colonial legacy and Middle Eastern intrigue in possibly the most tolerant city in the Arab world. Different areas in the city have different rules and allowances. The city is actually termed as both the Paris and the Vegas of the Middle East, depending on who's saying it.Just imagine. A city that inspires comparisons to both. How amazing would a place like that be?Oh and its got a restobar called Hickey's.

Are we in or are we in?

Pigeon Rocks

Magen Abraham Synagogue

Grand Serail

I do recommend that you make sure your looking good the days you visit Beirut because Lebanese people tend to be really hot and  can give you a huge complex and a hundred and one self esteem issues.

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