Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The good ol' charm of a plain white tee.

You know, I'm not so sure about the modern man. Actually not modern man, but the metrosexual man.
To be really honest, I don't particularly like them that way. I think guys look so good when they go classic. Nothing too fancy, nothing to fashion-ey. So many times I've seen guys who completely ruin their charm by trying too hard when they dress up. You now what I mean? Skinny jeans, skinny white jeans, cardigans (the worst) , and suede loafers with no socks. I'm not saying they look disgusting. No. they look perfectly fine.
I would just prefer them classic style.A little more rugged. Nice blue jeans, plain white tee and it wont even matter to me what shoes your wearing.

I think guys have not been educated about it or they have forgotten just how good they look in a white undershirt. Nothing looks better. Black/ grey/navy tees come to a close second place. Crewneck or a V, anything goes.They just seem so strong in them. So masculine. Maybe that's the problem these days. Guys don't want to look too masculine anymore.If only they knew how swoon-worthy they look.

comeee onnn
Recently I met an old friend, who seemed more attractive-r than usual.Why?
He was wearing a white tee.
And just to be clear- I usually don't even look at him like that. Gotta be the white tee.

So guys, next time your going out ,drop that dress shirt, or that funky graphic pink tee which you so love to wear cos your so secure with your masculinity and wear a plain white tee.Trust me.If nothing else it'll be different.

Exhibit A:

I know its not fair to put him here.

 Case closed.

 Lesson of the day: Never underestimate the power of a white t-shirt. and a light stubble.

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