Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ryan Gosling dreaming

Okay, its official. I have a crush on Ryan Gosling.
I didn't even realize it btw, so its kind of interesting the way it creeped up on me. Like I remember thinking Hot Damn when I saw a movie trailer of his-Crazy, Stupid Love or something similar. Then I saw  Ides of March ka trailer and I was like hmmmmm...and just the day before I had a dream about him. Weird na? cos I haven't seen even one of movie of his. Yep, not even The Notebook (Shocking , I know). So really, there is nothing to base my crush on. I guess its just one of those things.
Apparently he's dating Eva Mendes- I think they're equally hot ,so good match. Well played.

Checkout the trailer for Ides of March :


  1. Completely disagree - he is way out of her league. He is an indie actor who needs to date someone with an equally impressive acting resume.

  2. Her acting resume might not b all that but she is hot. I get what your saying though.