Tuesday, 25 October 2011

“It’s a free country – if you want to look like a freak, that’s your problem.”

Iris Apfel is this delightful old bird who is almost a century old and has apparently a wardrobe that has traveled all over the world for its quirkiness and general fabulousity. A fashion icon, a collector  (although she doesn't consider herself one) and just plain cool . I only recently discovered her, and she is absolutely hilarious. You know how old women are really funny? They just say whatever comes to their mind without considering anybody's feelings. They just don't care to be polite anymore after years and years of suffering through politeness.
In any case I liked one of the things she said  about knowing who you are:
 'I don't try to intellectualise about it because it tightens you up. I think you have to be loose as a goose.'

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