Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Fate of a Wish

I realized two days ago,
That God doesn’t always listen to you.
He can hear you always
Like one seems to decipher the lyrics to a song in the loudest of places.
But Listen?
Feel the pleas,and the emotion and let it move Him?
I doubt it.
You ask, ask and ask,
You pray, pray and pray.
What comes out of it?
God won’t even say ‘No'
Instead He hears your wish, and smiles at you.
The he looks at the Angel of on his right, and says, “Give this being some hope”
You look at Him with obvious confusion,
“ Hope? What is Hope going to do?”
You decide to speak up , let your feelings be known.
God, who heard your thoughts, the moment you wondered them, signals you with His eyes
He signals you to wait, there is more.
So you rest back, and decide to wait, there is more.
God smiles at you, and it makes you feel warm all over.
You think, that everything you wished for will be given to you.
There was nothing to worry about.
God then turns to the Angel on his left side
“ Time, will you please handle this? “
“ Yes. Master”, Time replies.
Then Time, Hope, and God all turn to look at you and they smile.
You smile back; it’s the polite thing to do.
You wonder how long you will have to wait, before God gets to the “more “ part that was aforementioned.
They’re still smiling,
You are still smiling back
Time and Hope are getting restless and shifty
They pass each other glances, look at God, see him smiling at you, and then they too resume smiling
You wonder what is going on
Then God speaks
“Well, it was nice seeing you”
Is this is it?  Time and Hope? 
What about Happiness?
What about Love?
That is what you came for, not Time and Hope.
God, as always hears your thoughts, this time it seems, before you even thought them up
He says, “ Time and Hope, will be sufficient for this wish. They will perform better than all others”
You look at God, not entirely convinced
But you don’t say anything, sure that all your doubts, anxieties and fears are being heard by Him, at the same time they are born in your head
You wait for Him to say something, to dispel your doubts
He remains quiet
You say Good Bye and leave


God never promised me an instant remedy,
If I believed in those,
I would worship magicians
Not turn to religion
In my hour of desire and need
But it has been sometime, since I visited God
And nothing has happened yet
There is some hope left, but most of it has already gone
Time seems to do nothing,
 But make my wish appear farther than ever before


But two days ago,
I was visited by an epiphany
I realized that God doesn’t really listen to me
He hears my question,
But not the answer I want for it
He does as He pleases
And leaves me to make peace with it

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