Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ryan Gosling dreaming -II

 I was right. My crush-instincts were spot on.
I saw my first Ryan Gosling movie -Crazy, Stupid, Love a few days ago, and WOW. Ryan Gosling is looking so good its unbelievable that I haven't noticed him until now.His wardrobe is spectacular if a little metro, but that's just his look., and he pulls it off so well that I can't complain. Honestly you have to see it to believe it. There's this one scene in which he is in a mall, eating a pizza in one of the most well-tailored suits I've ever seen on a guy. Its like out of a Esquire/GQ editorial. Such basic elements. Pizza, mall, great suit.
Apart from that the movie is okay, good I guess. I don't watch too many rom-coms, and it was just like any other-except of course RG .Steve Carrell gave in to some Michaelisms which were entertaining . Julianne Moore is gorgeous.  Emma Stone and RG had great chemistry, although I don't really get what the big deal is with her.Anyway I'm going to stop now, because clearly the only thing I took away form the movie was RG. I can't wait to see Ides of March now.

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