Monday, 3 October 2011

Ohmyjesus- Michelle Tanner thinks we're all made out of gold.

I know I'm a bit late on this, but wow- I just checked out The Row's infamous backpack.

Why infamous? its $34,000USD. JUST IMAGINE. Apparently you can live in it as well, and it features a cute little kitchenette and a balcony with an amazing view.
Its JUST a backpack. Yes, alligator skin, made using traditional Italian techniques and 'specially sourced materials' (read: utter bullshit- not that I'm doubting that they have been 'specially sourced', but honestly a diet coke can be 'specially sourced' from Yugoslavia-if you know what I mean).

Maybe I should add, that The Row, is the Olsen twins' design label, so maybe they feel that a backpack  (I personally don't like backpacks but I have to admit that this is exquisitely crafted. Its not fashionable, but its stylish and always will be) priced at $34,000USD, is a good investment since they have been millionaires (billionaires?) since a very young age. I mean come on. Are you for real ? especially since 'The Row' is a fairly new brand so its not like its got decades of heritage like other labels that people can easily digest it. And did I mention? the label is owned by the cute little twins in Full House ( they do have good taste though, and are trendsetters in their own right- I'm not saying that their line isn't good).

But, you know this is a great marketing stunt for them as well. I mean I'm talking about it aren't I? and that's what marketing is all about to get people talking about whatever it is that your selling. Its already on a million fashionistas'  "must-have-before-I-die", Google 'The Row infamous handbag' and Google will know exactly what your talking about- there are about a hundred blogs/magazines etc that have written about it. You can buy it ONLINE at net-a-porter. Its almost like overnight, The Row has catapulted itself into the league of the big boys ( Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Tom get my drift) , and increased its brand equity. Now if you tell me that Michelle Tanner wants me to buy $5000USD shoes, cos the buckles have been 'specially sourced' from Vietnam, I'd be like oh okay- cos I would have come to expect it from The Row.

Michelle's a marketing genius. A very very rich genius.Maybe she should buy her own backpack.

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