Monday, 17 October 2011

"Smiling like a fool as if he were the first person to ever marry his secretary"

So I saw a really interesting picture recently, which made me think of the title I've kept for this blog.
Actually that's a lie, recently someone quoted that line and I thought, wow nice line-next time ,I'll use. And just my luck- I came across the perfect picture.

I really really wonder whats going on here. Like its true what they say,  A picture is worth a thousand words.This picture has been taken on the set of Mad Men which is currently shooting for its much awaited fifth season.
The most intriguing part of thr picture is of course my boyfriend hero, Don Draper. And I'm sure you'll think that I'm going to go off on another monologue about his sexiness, but no, that's not it (HA!). Look at his face, and look at his expression. That does not seem like  a happy face. That does not seem like he has found his eternal happily-ever-after with Megan. Don looks so disturbed. No, not in deranged,psychotic kinda way; but in a wtf just happened/is happening kind of way. He seems troubled, shaken-as though he saw a ghost or something awful.And the way Megan (his new fiancee/ former secretary) is coming after him , something is off.
Ohmygod  I think I cracked the Da Vinci code! what if Megan is cheating on him and he walked in on her?!?!. No. That's too good to be true, and plus I'm sure he wouldn't have waited for her to put her clothes on, and then stormed off.Okay maybe she didn't cheat on him, and he didn't walk in on them - but she definitely did something because she looks guilty-ish (does she? is it me?) Or maybe Don probably realized how he was completely out of his mind to be with her in the first place? What if Betty is getting full custody of the kids and wont let Don meet them out of jealousy (Megan) and because she is such a  child? That could be a reason why he looks so hopelessly lost, and forlorn.

Whatever the case, he looks like he needs a big hug and someone to tell him it'll all be fine.Megan is not it.

Just imagine if this isn't even an actual scene and just one of those random shots during their break.And being the girl that I am, I've already made an entire story about it.

I guess we can only find out in March 2012.

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