Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sarah Burton and SS2012

In my last post about McQueen, I really didn't delve much in to Sarah Burton, and how she is doing as the Creative Director.Maybe cos she did the royal wedding,and there was so much hoopla surrounding it, that I just got put off by it.And then there is the issue of Kate Middleton wearing McQueen- well I'll come back to her at another time.
Okay coming back to Sarah Burton- she's just fabulous.  Its seems  McQueen's design ideology was best understood by Burton. Each collection she has given us after McQueen's untimely death has been a continuation of the same aesthetic sense. They all have been an homage to McQueen through her attention to detail, impeccable tailoring, and the magnificent corsetry. McQueen's pieces were always beautifully structured, and sometimes excessive in their execution which made them such a pleasure to watch. Burton's collection achieves the same effect. The Pastel/ Nude shades paired with chiffon give it this airy lightness, but the extraordinary shapes and silhouettes are awe-inspiring,breath taking and just plain wonderful.

Love the silhouette
Like bleeding roses.
How fun is this?

I love how it just flows.
I love this. I wanna wear it.

I want. So bad.

If that jacket isn't perfection what is?

Too cute. So sexy.Very 60s.
I love the sheernessof the train.

Hoe seamlessly the lace headpiece blends into the dress na?

The shoes, were a whole different story.  See the thing about the label is you really see a though process behind each creation. And that's exactly what each piece in the collection is , a 'creation'. Just like You and I are God's creation, McQueen/ Burton's pieces are all divine creations as well. They speak without words. They say so much.
The shoes are impossibly high, and, and...well you just have to see for yourself. I personally love their sense of humor.

sexy serves it right

I need to own these.

Tres romantique.

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