Saturday, 1 October 2011

If you ever feel like...

About two years back I saw this painting at the Art Institute of Chicago by Anthony Mancini called 'Resting' .
I hadn't heard of the artist before, and was completely overwhelmed when I saw it. I love the feel of it, the faint memory like quality that the artist has been able to give it, and the quiet melancholy that surrounds it. I've always preferred modern , strong brush strokes better than classical, polished ones and in this painting the style of the painting plays a huge part on the effect it has on the viewer.

Fast forward another year  or so, and I finally see The Unbearable Lightness of Being movie after reading (and obsessing over ) the book. More than anything, I loved the soundtrack of the film. It characterized the feel of the book, the underlying meaning so well.I've never been the sort who listens to symphonies, and most certaintly don't ever download and listen to it, but this I did.
 Anyway, coming to the point- I feel this painting, and one of the sets of the soundtrack complement each other really well.So if you ever feel like being moved for whatever reason, listen to this soundtrack and simply look at this painting, together they will speak volumes.


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